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October 29, 2013
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                                                 We’re Leaving This Place… Together

                                                       Chapter 1 - Her Protector

    The tram finally came to a rest with a light thump.  A loud beep sounded behind him causing Leon to look over his shoulder at the door that exited the vehicle.  The red light on the handle turned green showing that it was finally unlocked.  His attention then turned back to the Asian woman who was lying unconscious on the bench.  Her breathing was shallow and ragged, but she was still alive.  With that, he breathed a sigh of relief.  The creature that had attacked them had injured her badly after it had punched through the tram wall.  Now three long cuts ran across her right arm all the way to her chest.  Whatever that thing was, it had retreated after he fought it off.  Right now however, he had to see to getting her some place safe so he could treat her wounds.

    “Don’t die on me, Ada.  Come on, I’ve got to get you out of here.”

    Letting out a grunt of pain, he lifted her up and exited the tram.  A grimace spread across his face as the wound in his left shoulder began to ache.  Despite the fact that Ada had removed the bullet, he knew that medical treatment would still be required if he hoped to keep full use of his arm.  But that could wait – right now she needed his help.  Up ahead he noticed what looked like a security office.  That would be the best place to try and find some first aid and maybe rest for a brief moment.  Slowly, he made his way towards the door.

    What in the hell was this place?  Leon looked around the huge hallway as he carried the unconscious woman in his arms.  It was eerily quiet… almost too quiet.  It appeared abandoned but looked as if it was some type of underground facility – a laboratory maybe?  The Umbrella symbols along the walls gave a clear indication who it belonged to.  What were they doing all the way down here?

    Suddenly he heard Ada whisper something.  “Le… Leon…”

    “Ada?  Ada, can you hear me?”  He asked as he turned his head to look at her.  Nothing.  She was still out cold.  He winced once more at the fire that was spreading in his shoulder.  “Don’t worry,” he grunted as the pain began to grow.  “I’m… going to get you out of here.  Just hang in there.”

    Pushing open the door to the security room, he was surprised by his sudden run of good fortune.  There along the wall was a bed.  Perhaps this was some type of sleeping quarters for the guards of this facility?  Whatever it was, he was glad for a chance to make her comfortable.  Gently setting her down on the mattress, he began to scour the room looking for any type of medical supplies.  He smiled when he found a first aid kit under a work bench, but when he opened it he realized it was empty.

    “Shit!”  He grumbled as he tossed the empty box to the floor.

    There was nothing else here.  He quickly realized that if he wanted to find something to treat Ada’s wounds he’d have to venture further into this facility.  God, he didn’t even know where exactly they were or if there were other creatures lurking around down here.  But even the threat of the unknown wouldn’t deter him; he knew what he had to do.

    “Ohhhh!”  Ada moaned.  She was coming around.

    “Ada?”  Leon quickly made his way over to her and knelt down next to the bed.  Soon he saw her eyes flutter before they slowly opened.  “Welcome back,” he said with great relief in his voice.

    She tried to sit up, but quickly let out a moan of pain and collapsed back down on the bed.

    “Hey, take it easy.  You’re safe now.”

    She looked around the room as if examining her surroundings.  When her eyes found his, she asked, “Where… where are we?”

    “We’re inside Umbrella’s secret lab,” he replied as he gently placed his right hand on her shoulder.  “I’m going to go and find something to treat those wounds so just rest here in the meantime.”

    Ada closed her eyes and let out a sigh.  Leon could sense from her expression that she was in a great amount of pain, but for some reason she refused to show it.  She was certainly a tough one; there was no other way that she could have survived this long on her own.  When she finally spoke again, her voice was laden.

    “I’ll… only slow you down with these injuries, Leon.  Go.  Save yourself…”  She turned her head away and looked towards the opposite wall.

    In that moment he finally let his frustration with her make itself known.  After everything they had been through together, just for once he wanted her to trust him.  Was that so too much to ask after he had already taken a bullet for her?  Why was she trying to push him away?

    “Is it just me or does everyone always ignore what I say?”

    He grimaced and closed his eyes.  What the hell was wrong with him?  His delivery was way too harsh – Ada didn’t deserve that kind of rebuke, especially now.  It was true that the woman had run off more times than he could count after he had first encountered her back at the RPD’s parking garage, but right now she was injured and needed his help whether she was willing to admit it or not.  She didn’t need his condemnation.  He took a breath to compose himself.

    When he looked back at her, she had turned to look at him and was staring into his eyes.  He couldn’t read her face.  Her expression was always so cool and passive – as if she had no emotions at all.  Was she mad at him for that outburst?  Had he hurt her with his words?  Regardless, he knew that he needed to make this right if he was ever going to make her trust him.

    “I told you that it’s my job to look out for you,” he said softly.

    She stared at him for a long moment; her eyes silently studying him.  Her face continued to bear no expression – no emotion.  Laying there, she simply looked into his eyes.  What was she doing?  Was she trying to read him somehow?

    “But… you’ll be in danger if you stay with me.  I… know that I’ve only known you… a short period of time…”  She winced in pain and let the words hang there for a moment.  It was as if she wasn’t sure if she should finish her sentence.  Leon began to worry that she wasn't going to respond until she continued, “… but… I’ve really enjoyed being with you.”

    He felt his face flush at her words.  Almost immediately he felt his heart begin to beat faster, and for a brief moment, he couldn’t even feel the nagging pain in his shoulder.

    “I…”  He began to stammer.

    Why was it he was always so awkward around women?  When he had first met Ada, he couldn’t deny that he had been attracted to the strong and independent qualities she possessed.  Hell, the woman was extremely beautiful and had a voice that would stick with you long after she spoke.  Whoever this “John” was that she had been searching for… he had certainly been a lucky man.  Maybe he had also formed a crush on her tonight?  It was possible given how concerned he was about her, but there had been other more pressing things to worry about at the time – like staying alive against the monsters running loose in Raccoon City.  There hadn’t been a quiet moment to actually think about her or even really look at her… until now.  He was trying to think of something to say, but true to form he drew a blank.  Before he could dwell on it any further, she spoke.

    “I know that I’m not capable of caring about anyone, but…” he felt her gently grasp the hand that he had laid on her shoulder.  Soon his fingers entwined with hers.  “… I don’t want to lose you… Leon.”

    She cared about him.  For the first time this entire night, they’d found time to actually just be together without fighting for their lives.  And the look she was giving him; it was a look of genuine care and concern.  It was making him weak all over again.  But even in that weakness, he found a sliver of courage to give her the comfort that he so desperately wanted to provide.  It was now his turn to step up and speak.

    “We’re leaving this place together, Ada,” he said as he placed his other hand on top of hers.  “I promise you – I’m going to get you out of here… no matter what.”

    In that moment as they stared into each other’s eyes, he saw something happen.  Out of her pain, her lips slowly turned into a smile – a smile that was joined by her eyes.  Leon had never seen anything so beautiful, and he stopped and stared in silent fascination at the mysterious woman lying before him.

    “I know,” she replied.  “I know you will, Leon.”

    He felt his lips smile back in response.  As much as he wanted to stay by her side and protect her, he knew that she needed treatment.  It was up to him.  “Wait here for me, okay?  I’ll be back shortly.”

    As he picked up the shotgun and headed for the door, he heard her voice call out to him again.  “Leon…”  With his hand on the door, he turned and looked back at her.  She smiled again before a wave of pain took her.  “Please… be careful.  I… meant what I said.”

    “I know… and don’t worry.  I’ll be back for you.  I promise.”

    With that, Leon opened the door and ventured out into the foreboding lab and began walking toward the nearest door.  He had to find some medical supplies for Ada; that was priority number one.  After that, he’d then need to find a way out of here so that he could get her to safety.  That was all that mattered right now.  She was all that mattered.  He would save her no matter what – even if it cost him his life.

    I promise…

    In the distant halls, he heard something – a dreaded sound that was all too familiar.  He heard the clicking of toenails on the metal floor followed by a distinctive hiss.  They were here, too and most likely they would be accompanied by whatever remained of the staff for this facility.  But if those monstrosities thought that they would stop him from saving Ada, they were dead wrong.

    Cocking the shotgun in his hands, Leon approached the lab door and watched it slowly rise before him.

    “Okay, you bastards,” he said with his resolve steeled, “just try and stop me.”

Leon S. Kennedy has had a very bad first day at work.  Narrowly escaping the horrors of Raccoon City Police Department, he and the mysterious Ada Wong now find themselves in a hidden underground facility controlled by Umbrella.  After being attacked by a strange monster, Ada is badly wounded, and Leon knows that it is now up to him to save her.

But can this rookie cop truly leave her side when he realizes that true feelings have developed between the two of them?

Chapter 2 is located here -…

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lemonedicecream Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
'Why was it he was always so awkward around women?' I love Leon for that, he used to by so shy and sweet :D now he is mature and he can how to take care of Ada, but men, he needs to kiss her finally! :) anyway, great one! :) Why am I reading this today? I should have done that few months ago. 
BGShepard Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:)  Thanks, my friend.  Read on.  I promise you'll get what you're looking for.
psitlapa Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
This is just soo beautiful.. I finished Leon B scenario few days ago and I almost cried.. Now I'm almost crying after this! You're very good at writing these stories. Damn feelings. 
BGShepard Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm already in progress with writing chapter 2 which will show things from Ada's perspective after Leon leaves.  What was she doing while he was off finding supplies for her?  Hmmm... ;)
psitlapa Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
IcyAshford Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013
I read a fic on tumblr similar to this a couple of days ago. Nice to see people turning those scenes into a story. =D
BGShepard Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
For some reason it just stuck something in me.  We don't get to truly understand what's happening in the minds of Leon and Ada when we see these brief scenes in the game.  I guess that's why I wanted to show things that were "under the surface".
IcyAshford Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013
Yeah, I used this scene for a roleplay too and went a little in depth with their emotions.
BGShepard Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What exactly does a "roleplay" entail?  I've heard you use that before.
IcyAshford Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013
The definition of roleplay is “To act and speak as if you are the character you’re portraying” so people are pretending to be the characters themselves. We interact with other roleplayers too.

Think of it as acting out a fan fic. Writing a story might be static and bland since there’s no involvement from anyone else but interacting with others is much more interesting as you “write” the story together. You get more input and feedback that way and when you have more heads in a plan, the end product might be better than what you have imagined solo.

Eg. Jill and Ada have never met in the game before but with roleplay (and fan fics as well), you can make that happen. I've done it and it's quite fun.
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