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November 13, 2013
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Leon’s Apartment
Moravia Street – Miami, FL
May 25th 2014
23:58 EST

    After finding an empty space along the street, Ada parked her Mercedes and turned off the ignition.  Taking a moment, she placed both hands on the steering wheel and allowed her head to droop.  A long, exhausted sigh left her lips.  She felt bone-tired – especially after all that she had been through tonight.  In this line of work there never seemed to be a moment where she could stop and actually catch her breath.  It was a curse concerning the life that she had chosen to lead.  Even when she did have a moment, all it ever did was give her time to think, and that was something she had no desire to do right now.  After her battle with Umbrella One, the infected children she had been forced to put down… and Leon’s death – there was just too much.  Thinking about all of that would only distract her and make her vulnerable.  Right now she needed to keep her focus on what it was she had come here to do.

    Glancing over at the passenger seat, she picked up a plastic bag that contained a single .308 shell casing.  This had been the only one she had been able to recover from the water tower.  Upon examining the butt of the bullet, she was greeted by the first three letters in the serial number – UMB.  This bullet had been manufactured by Umbrella’s weapons division.  During the nineties, the pharmaceutical conglomerate had been in the market of manufacturing not only bandages and first aid kits for the US Government, but also ammunition that they had sold at price reductions in order to maintain military contracts and outpace competitors.  It was an enterprise that had netted them billions of dollars in revenue worldwide.

    Ada’s brow furrowed as she looked over the bullet shell.  According to Hamza, the sniper who had shot Leon hadn’t been associated with Umbrella One.  Still the shooter had used Umbrella weaponry during his attack.  What in the hell was going on here?  Was there some type of hidden connection between the two?

    Setting down the casing, she pulled out her phone and re-ran the video she had recorded at the warehouse when the authorities had arrived.  Once she had grappled up to the top of the water tower, she had begun recording their arrival with her phone using an ultra high resolution hand-held camera scope – cutting edge technology that wouldn’t be on the market for years.  In her line of work it always paid to have contacts who could provide her the best equipment possible.  It was when she had scanned the area around Leon’s body when she had spotted a familiar face.  The woman had been wearing a pink blouse with a dark vest over top of it with matching dark slacks.  Her brown hair fell just below her shoulders and hid her face from view, but she had been easily recognizable.

    “Special Agent Helena Harper…” Ada whispered to herself.

    The young woman had been Leon’s partner during and after the bio-terrorist attack in Lanshiang, China – that was until Leon’s reassignment to Miami.  As she watched the video, Helena had run to the body, stopped, and collapsed to her knees sobbing.  In a way, Ada felt a twinge of pity for the woman.  While she’d hated to admit it, there had been a noticeable attraction that Helena had developed towards Leon.  Ultimately it was she herself who had held the keys to Leon’s heart, but she couldn’t help but think that he might have been better off with the lovely brunette.  Now he was dead, and she only had herself to blame for it.  This was on her.

    Shutting off the phone, Ada exited the vehicle and grabbed the product on the seat next to her.  Given all that she went through to obtain it, she wasn’t about to let it out of her sight.  Once the coast was clear, she quickly sprinted across the street.  Leon’s apartment was on the third floor facing the darkened alley in the back.  While in the shadows, she pulled out her hookshot and fired it toward the fire escape that sat just outside the window to his place.  Pulling herself up, Ada flipped up over the railing and landed quietly on the metal overhang.

    Sliding her fingers under the frame, she pulled up and the window opened with ease.  During her earlier visit that evening, she had purposefully unlocked it so that she could get back into his apartment later that night to surprise him in bed once their mission had been completed.  Now she was coming back – just not in the manner she had intended.

    Leon’s flat was atypical of most bachelor pads she had seen during the course of her life.  Being the workaholic that he was, the man had only the bare essentials; so bare that the tiny apartment appeared almost naked.  He had no television, no couch, not even a table from which to eat his meals.  The only piece of furniture that stood in the center of his living room was a large wooden desk with his computer and other work-related essentials on it.  He had done everything in his home from there which included his work and judging by the number of take-out containers in the trash bin next to the desk – his meals as well.  That would be where she’d begin her search.

   As she walked through the kitchen toward his desk, a decoration set near the wall caught her eye.  It was a framed poster that had been hung directly over a dresser.  This was something that she hadn’t noticed on her first visit here that evening as she had been preoccupied by recruiting Leon to come with her.  The poster held a scene of a grassy field.  On the blades of the tall grass were several large butterflies with some of them in flight.  Their wings were extended showing off their beautiful colors.  

    Butterflies?  Her red dress from Spain had butterflies on it.  Could it be he had purchased this because of… her?  Then she spotted something else.  On top of the dresser were various mementos and keepsakes.  To anyone they would look like common collected items, but Ada recognized each one of them.  They were all something she had left him over the course of the past fifteen years.

    On the left was the snow globe that she had purchased for him in France on the night she had first come to him.  In a black frame next to it was the napkin that she had written on – her parting note to him.  Over top of the napkin frame was a key ring that contained a small teddy bear from the jet sky she had left for him on Sadler’s island.  And there in the center of the dresser top was the compact – her makeup compact that she had left in the helicopter with the evidence to clear both his and Helena’s names with the authorities.  Why had he kept all of these things?

    When Ada looked back up at the poster on the wall, it soon made perfect sense.  She was responsible for having a profound impact on his life, and as a result Leon had made this a reminder of her.  The tears she had tried desperately to hold back began to burn her eyes once more.

    “Leon…” she whispered.

    Taking a deep breath, Ada closed her eyes and tried to compose herself.  She couldn’t break down now.  There would be time enough to grieve for him later.  Right now she needed to stay focused on the ultimate purpose of why she had come here – for information.  She needed to check his laptop and phone for any leads on these weapons shipments he had been tracking.  Judging from the large cache she had found at the warehouse, there was no doubt that his weapons shipments and the product she now had possession of were connected.  The question was, how did the shooter fit into all of this?

    Pulling out his leather rolling chair, she sat down and opened up the laptop.  Once she pushed the power button, the screen came to life and prompted her for Leon’s login information.  At least she had come prepared for that.  Reaching into her side bag, she pulled out a thumb drive and inserted it into the USB port.  It was a program crack that had been developed by a hacker who had owed her quite a few favors in the past.  She had found it quite useful when stealing electronic information.  Given the encryption system on Leon’s government-issued computer, the program had estimated approximately twenty minutes for completion.

    Ada decided to use her time to check Leon’s phone.  Fortunately, she remembered him putting it into the top drawer of his desk before they had left for the warehouse district.  Opening the drawer, she took his cell, and entered in the four digit code she had watched him input earlier.  The menu immediately came up and showed that his inbox held three voicemails.

    The first one had been sent almost two hours ago, right after the two of them had left his apartment.  She pushed the play button.

    “Leon, it’s Helena.  I’ve been calling you all day – why aren’t you answering your phone?  Listen, HQ is sending me down to Miami to assist you in your investigation.  My plane will be landing within the hour.  Don’t move on the weapons shipments until I get there.  I hate to pull rank on you, but please… wait until I arrive and we’ll take them down together.  If there are indeed biological agents involved, we’ll need a HAZMAT team standing by when we make the raid.  Please call me back when you get this.”

    Pull rank?  What was Agent Harper talking about?  Hadn’t Leon been her superior officer?    She should have kept better tabs on him this past year.  After the Kassah Pharmaceuticals incident in DC, she had only visited him one time.  Initially he had been guarded at seeing her given what she had done to him in the maintenance tunnels, but to her relief he had been genuinely glad to see her.  The last info she had heard from her contacts was that he had been under investigation by the D.S.O. for the DC incident.  In an attempt to un-complicate matters, she had kept her distance as she hadn’t wanted his career to become affected on her account… but apparently it had anyway.  Damn it!  She should have kept eyes on him regardless.

    The second message had been sent the day before.

    “Hi Leon, it’s Ashley Graham.  It’s been far too long since we last spoke with one another.  Listen, I’m flying into Miami to handle some business for my father.  I was hoping we could have dinner and catch up if you’re available.  I also wanted to discuss a possible job opportunity with you that I think you’d be perfect for.  Sooooo…. give me call when you get this.  Bye, Leon!”

    Ashley Graham – Ada could still remember her as the young, timid woman that Leon had been sent to rescue in Spain.  Now she was grown up and had become the COO of her father Alexander Graham’s multi-national conglomerate – Graham Corp International.  And what was this about a job opportunity for Leon?  She might have to look into that if she couldn’t find any other leads here.

    The last message had been send over a week ago.

    “Agent Kennedy, this is Dr. Hallerman from the Wellness and Competence Office.  I am calling to remind you that you are due for your psychological re-evaluation.  Please be sure to contact my office to schedule an appointment within the next three weeks so that we may conduct it.  I must emphasize that failure to schedule or to pass this second evaluation will be grounds for immediate suspension of your security clearance.  I would also highly recommend that you bring your journal with you to this appointment.  Thank you for your time.”

    Ada felt her body freeze – Wellness and Competence?  Psychological re-evaluation?  What in the world had happened?  Leon had given her no indication that he was having any emotional or psychological stress.  Something else was there in the message, too – a journal?  If she could find it, perhaps it could shed some light on what was happening with him since DC.

    Checking the progress on her crack tool, she still had time.  Ada took a moment to scan the bare apartment in an effort to figure out where Leon would keep a record of his private thoughts.  It wouldn’t be in the open – that would be too obvious.  He would have it hidden somewhere.  Then she had an idea and began to walk toward his bedroom.

    His sleeping area was just as business-like as his living room.  There was a bed, a nightstand, and a dresser but nothing else.  No pictures, no decorations – nothing.  No doubt he only used this room for sleeping and nothing more.  After checking his nightstand for the journal, she noticed an old photograph leaning against his lamp.  Picking it up, Ada took a moment to look at it.  It was old and worn, but on it contained an image of three people.  In the center was a handsome young boy who had a charming smile that she recognized.  To the right was a woman with her arms around him and in the back was a man with his hand on the boy’s shoulder.  Flipping it over, she saw a child’s scribble on the back side.

    Me with Mommy and Daddy at the park – Peyton, IA – May 5th 1985

    This was a picture of Leon with his parents when he was a child; taken many years before their fatal car accident at the hands of David Yeager.  Ada frowned when she recalled how sad and broken he had been when he had told her about that fateful event.

    Opening the pocket of one of her bags, she slipped the picture inside.  With Leon having no living relatives, she could afford to keep this for herself.  It had been dear to him… and now it was dear to her, too.

    Sitting on his bed, she let her head droop once more with a sigh.  She wasn’t sure if she should continue to look or go and check on the crack program.  Then something occurred to her.  Standing up, she grabbed the edge of the mattress and lifted it up.  There on top of the box springs was a blue book.  This was Leon’s journal!

    Grabbing the book, Ada sat down on the bed and began to leaf through it.  His first entry was in the early part of September.

    “God… where do I even begin?  Dr. Hallerman thought it would be beneficial to write down my thoughts, but I have to ask a question first – do I even want to do this?  I suppose in the end, this is really the only option I have available to me.  There aren’t many people in this world who can truly understand or even believe the things that I’ve seen or experienced.

    “I guess I should start here – ever since Helena and I survived Lanshiang, I’ve had difficulty sleeping.  For three days after we made it to Japan I couldn’t sleep at all.  Now, as the days continue on, I find the insomnia getting worse.  I should have died in that cursed city countless times.  And not just there but in Tall Oaks and Raccoon City, too.  Why is it that I’m still here when so many others have died?  Is this survivor’s guilt – or something more?

    “I still see him… his well-trimmed beard covered in pink saliva.  His face is bloody and cruel.  He’s out for my blood with the way he screams my name.  Derek C. Simmons – National Security Advisor to President Adam Benford.  The President and friend that I was forced to put down.  

    “I still dream about that night where I’m dangling off the sky bridge as he crushes my fingers with his foot.  He always screams, “Do you want to live?  Then beg!  Beg for your life!”  In it I fall.  I fall and there is no one to save me as my death quickly approaches.  Then I awaken to my own scream as I lie in a pool of sweat.  

    “I first saw him in D.C. when I was in pursuit of Ada the night she stole the T-Veronica virus.  The sounds of the train passing by the building began to trigger… memories… images I had tried hard to suppress during the bio terrorist attacks.  I saw him in that warehouse – he was in the shape of that dinosaur-like creature when he charged at me.  I tried to pass it off as merely stress, but the man continues to haunt me even during my waking hours. I know that he’s dead, but what do I do?  How do I deal with this?”

    The entry on the next page was dated a week later.

    “I took full responsibility for the failed recovery of the T-Veronica virus.  That coupled with the fact that I failed my first psych evaluation, has caused my demotion.  The media attention is brutal and someone had to be put on the chopping block.  Helena didn’t deserve to see her new career come to a close so quickly so I took the blame.  I was the agent in charge; Ada’s escape is on me.  Now my time in D.C. is coming to a close.  The director is going to reassign me elsewhere within the week.  Right now all I can do is pack my boxes and get ready for my next assignment.  

    “Hunnigan and Helena have been watching me.  They try to hide it, but I know what they’re doing.  They know something is wrong.  They’ve both tried in simple ways to get me to talk with them.  Maybe they’re trying to help.  Helena has even asked to take me out for a beer and talk.  Talk?  What is there to talk about?

    “I feel trapped, that’s the truth of it – like being a mouse in a maze.  I can maintain the façade at work, but I can’t escape from what’s been going on in my mind.  In the end though, this is ultimately my burden to bear – no one else’s.  Everyone is always counting on me.  How then can I appear weak when they need me to be their rock?”

    Ada just sat there and stared at his handwriting.  Her heart was aching within her chest.  Leon had been suffering emotionally from everything he had experienced this past year.  It was more than one man should have been forced to bear.  Clearly he had been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but why hadn’t he said anything?  When she had gone to him after the D.C. incident, he had given her no indication that anything was wrong.  Why hadn’t he asked for help?  Then she re-read his words.   “How can I appear weak when they need me to be their rock?”

    She continued to leaf through the journal.

    “It was never my choice to join the government; more like the choice was made for me.  They had threatened Sherry – what choice did I have when it came down to it?  But how many people have died by my hands as a result of that choice?  Those villagers in Spain had no choice in the matter when they became infected with the parasites.  Yet I killed them all – men… and women.  Dead by my own hand.  Krauser, Sadler, Salazar, Simmons… even William Birkin – all of them were responsible for making their own choice… and I had to make mine.  I killed them all.  I KILLED THEM ALL!

    “Ada – now that’s a woman who is a true enigma for me.  When I first met her in Raccoon City, I’ll admit that I was smitten with her.  She was beautiful, strong, independent, and she didn’t need help from anyone.  In the end my efforts to win her over were successful, but our time was cut short when she sacrificed herself for me.  Over the years, she had flirted with me like only she could until that night in Paris when she came to me.  That was the most beautiful night of my life.  Being there with her, it gave me a sense of peace that I haven’t known in a long time; especially since before the death of my parents.  Over the years she would come back.  We’d have sex, and then she would leave like always.  I just wanted her to stay but was too cowardly to say the words.  My mind was always at peace by her side.  But she was a butterfly – a woman who needed her freedom from the trappings of a true relationship.  I… I couldn’t ask her to be caged.  I couldn’t because I love her.  I love her more than my own life.  There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her.  Ada Wong – my love.”

    Ada felt herself hold her breath as she read his words; words that gave life to the man’s feelings for her.  Despite everything the two of them had been through together, neither of them had dared say what it was that they felt for each other.  She sighed at the crushing weight of her sadness and began to cry.  Why?  Why had she waited so long?  Why hadn’t she left it all behind so that she could be with him?  To have the joy of waking up next to him every morning; to laugh; to cry; to have… a life.  Now, it was too late.

    Absent-mindedly she continued to turn the pages of Leon’s journal until one entry caught her attention.  Wiping the tears away, she checked the date.  It was dated March 1st 2014.

    “I have to do this.  I have to face my fears now, and to do that I need to go back to where it all began – Raccoon City.  I’m not sure if I’m desperate or just plain crazy, but I’m hoping I can find answers there because I can’t keep living like this.  I can’t keep looking over my shoulder expecting to see him there waiting for me or reliving Lanshiang when I close my eyes.  I have my supplies packed.  I’ll catch a flight to Des Moines and drive from there.  I should only be gone a week.  I have paid leave that the D.S.O. keeps pushing me to take.  They may not approve of me taking it during a case, but I suppose they can fire me if they don’t like it.”

    Leon went back to Raccoon?  She tried to find out more details about the trip, but his journal held only one more entry.  It was dated two days later on the third.

    “I don’t know why, but I bought it.  I hadn’t even planned on going into the store until I saw it there in the showcase.  I knew it would be something she would have liked; maybe that’s why I asked to see it.  Then it was simply a matter of putting it on my card.  When the young woman was bagging my purchase, she smiled and told me that my girlfriend was extremely lucky.  I smiled and replied, “It’s not for a girlfriend, and I’ll probably never give it to her.”  She gave me a look of absolute confusion.   It was as if she was silently asking why I was even purchasing it then.  I don’t even know myself.  I just know that I wanted to buy it – even if I never offer it to Ada.  For now, I’ll leave it in the drawer to ‘her’ dresser until I return.”

    She flipped the pages – the rest were blank.  His journal ended over two months ago.  Why had he stopped writing?  But a new question began to intrigue her.  What was it that he had purchased for her?  Her dresser?  It could only be one place.

    Putting the journal into her pack, she went to the living room and stood in front of the dresser that contained all of the trinkets.  Slowly opening the top drawer, she moved aside some of his underwear until she found a small blue box.  It was rounded with the fabric made of velvet.  When she opened the lid, Ada heard herself gasp.  Inside was a ring.  It was made of gold and in the center was a large oval-shaped diamond.  Flanking the stone on either side and holding it in place were two small butterflies.  This… This was an engagement ring!

    He… he bought this for… me?

    It was beautiful, and given the size of the diamond – expensive as well.  Carefully she removed the ring from its case and held it in her thumb and forefinger.  The work that had been put into it was remarkable.  She could even see the careful etchings that had been done on the wings of the butterflies.  Out of curiosity, she carefully slipped it on her left ring finger – a perfect fit.  How had Leon been able to gauge her ring size?

    The beep coming from his computer pulled her away from her thoughts and questions.  The crack device was finished hacking into Leon’s laptop.  Whatever information was stored there was now available.  Sitting down at the desk, Ada brought up the main screen and checked the title of each folder on his desktop.  Here was one – Operation:  Water Snake.

    Clicking on the folder brought up pictures of weaponry and descriptions – all of it had been equipment she had seen in Umbrella One’s warehouse.  Then a picture of Dr. Hamza filled the screen.  He was wearing a business suit and carrying a small metal suitcase.  She recognized it – it was the product.  Leon had written a small blurb next to it that only said, “Possible bio-agent?”  Their two missions had been connected and the proof was in these photos – now, if she could only find out more about the weapons.

    Ada continued to skim the documents.  The earliest one went back to October 10th when this assignment of his started.  Browsing the folders something caught her eye.  Each folder was labeled with month and year.  They had started from October 2013 and went to February 2014.  Instead of the next folder being March 2014 as would have been expected, it instead went to April 2014.  She initially thought perhaps it had been a labeling mistake on his part.  However, when she searched the February folder, the last file was dated on the 28th of February.  The reports picked up again on April 4th.  Why then had Leon missed an entire month?  She recalled him stating in his journal that he was intending to travel to Raccoon City during that time, but that was only to have been for a week… wasn’t it?

    Something else then grabbed her attention.  A document dated May 17th 2014.

    “One of my contacts provided me with some useful intel.  Apparently there is a Russian weapons dealer in Miami that is rumored to be moving high-end gear on the black market.  Could this be the link I’ve been looking for?  His name is Oleg Petrovsky.  He’s operating his business out of Pavel’s Laundromat on the east side.  I don’t have enough evidence to get a warrant, but I’ll need to monitor that location.”

    A week later he continued with his report:

    “I decided to break into the laundromat and see what was there.  God, did I hit the jackpot!  The back of the place contains a storage area.  There were Kalashnikovs, RPGs, Semtex, and a lone .308 sniper rifle.  All of the ammo there was Umbrella manufactured.  Where in the hell did they get this kind of gear?  The military was to have confiscated all Umbrella ammunition after their suspension back in 1998.  Even with this find, I don’t have enough legit evidence to move on this place.  I guess I’ll just have to get creative.”

    Ada felt her eyes widen – a .308 sniper rifle?  That was the same caliber of weapon that had murdered Leon!  Whether this sniper had worked for Umbrella One or not was irrelevant.  She now had a connection between the two – Oleg Petrovsky.

    She had heard the name before.  He was one of several gun runners within the Miami, Orlando, and Tampa organization.  Leon’s dossier had a brief bio on him.  A former GRU agent, he came to America five years ago to set up shop for the Russian mob.  According to the notes, Petrovsky had become more of an American playboy over the years – a fact Leon had tried to come up with a way to exploit.  Hmmm… she thought to herself.  Maybe something like this requires a feminine touch?

    Suddenly, a scream from the hallway startled her.  Instinct took over as she immediately dove behind Leon’s desk for cover.  Almost as if on cue, the door to the apartment exploded sending shrapnel across the room.  Then she heard a metallic object hit the floor.  Thinking fast, she shut her eyes and plugged her ears.  The flash bang went off followed by the sounds of shouting.  The men at the door were speaking English but the ‘leader’ had a rough Russian accent.  They were about to breach the room.

    Ada had no idea how many there were, but she decided to take advantage of her position.  Aiming through the back of the desk, Ada fired off six shots in the direction of the door.  A scream pierced the room, and the sound of one of them hitting the floor followed.  One of them had been wounded.

    “She is there – behind the desk!”

    More shots rang out.  The computer and other items on Leon’s desk began to break and shatter sending glass and plastic down on top of her.  There was no place for her to maneuver; they’d be able to flank her in a matter of moments unless she thought of something.  Quickly itemizing the gear she had brought, an idea came to her.

    “WAIT!”  She yelled loudly.  “There’s no need for this!  Just tell me what it is that you want!”

    “Hold,” she heard the leader order.  “Come out from behind the desk, Wong!  Now!”

    “Not until you put those weapons away.”

    He laughed.  “A nice try.  You are the one out-numbered and out-gunned.  Throw down your weapons or else the three of us will end you.  We only want the product.”

    Three of them; they know my name and they want the product.

    “Okay… here,” she said as she tossed her Sig around the desk.

    “Now stand up,” he ordered.  “Where is the product?”

    “I have it right here.  Don’t shoot or you’ll rupture its contents.  I’m sure none of you want to be exposed to a biological agent.”

    Ada slowly stood with the metal briefcase at her chest.  The three men were dressed in light tactical urban gear.  Each was wearing a flak jacket and was armed with a pistol.  The fourth of the group was lying on the floor clutching his bloody leg.  They were in a triangular formation – two on either side ready to flank her and the gray-haired leader was standing in the center.

    The man’s eyes silently studied her.  “Give us the product.”

    “Okay,” she said with panic in her voice.  “It’s not worth dying for.”  Slowly walking around the desk, she knelt.  “I’ll slide it over to you.  You can have it, and I’ll be on my way.”

    “We shall see,” said the man in charge.  “Now slide it across the floor.”

    Ada slowly slid the case to the man to her left.

    “Check and make sure it is there,” the leader ordered after his underling picked up the case.

    Holstering his pistol, the merc began to unsnap the hinges and lifted the lid.  The sound of the release could be heard, and Ada turned her head.  The flash grenade exploded with a loud whisper, filling the room with blinding white light causing the mercs to shout in surprise.  She then made her move.

    Diving for her Sig, she aimed for the man in front of her and put a bullet in his head.  Two more shots rang out, and she quickly took down the man on her right.  As she lined up a shot for the leader, she saw the man on the floor go for his gun.  Another pull of the trigger and a bullet hole stood in place of his left eye.  Aiming back at the man in charge, she pulled the trigger one last time.  CLICK – the clip was empty!

    The man turned to face her and raised his pistol.  Reacting, she pulled out her hookshot and fired at his hand.  The grapple hook hit the pistol, knocking it from his grasp.  He swore in Russian and charged at her.  Putting her hands up, she kicked towards his face, but he went low instead and swept her foot out from under her.  As she landed on the floor, Ada saw his boot coming down and quickly rolled out of the way.  When it landed, she immediately landed a kick of her own to the back of his knee.  He let out a grunt, but righted himself.  Rising up, she swung a kick at his face once more, but he managed to block it and followed up with a series of jabs.  She was successful in countering most of them, but one managed to make it through her defense and land into her belly.  The surprise caught her first before the back of his hand did.  In an instant she was again on her back.

    Blinking her eyes, Ada saw him approach with knife in hand.  “You clever little bitch!”  He hissed.  “Before I am done with you, you will be begging to tell me where this product is!”

    He jumped on top of her with the knife pointing down towards her heart.  Ada pushed back against his wrists and stemmed the blade as it brushed against her breast.  This mercenary was strong – probably former SPETNAZ.  It would be only a matter of time before he wore her down.  She needed to make a move, but what?  Being pinned under a two hundred pound man left little options for escape.  Then she saw a glint of light on her left hand.

    Putting her right arm under his wrists to brace them, she quickly reached back with her left and punched the man in the eye.  The ring was against his socket so with a quick jerk, she felt it cut across his right eyeball spraying blood onto her face.  A loud scream pierced the room as he staggered and clutched what was left of his eye.  With his break in offense, she pulled back her right leg and landed a blow to his chest knocking him off of her.  The brief moment of respite allowed her a chance to flip up to her feet.

    Despite his wound, the man once again came at her with the knife.  With a back-handed swing, he tried to cut across her chest, but she ducked in time allowing the blade to pass over her head.  Then he swung forward.  Ada bent back as the knife went past her face, and she quickly countered by grabbing his wrist and twisting his arm.  With a yelp of pain, the weapon loosened.  Immediately grabbing the knife, she slammed the off-balanced merc against the desk and drove the blade into his shoulder.  He screamed.

    “Now,” Ada said as she bent over him and twisted the knife, “let’s try this again.  Who sent you here?”

    He swore at her in Russian and replied, “I will tell you… nothing!”

    “That wasn’t the answer I was looking for.”  Twisting the knife again, she asked, “One more time – tell me who you work for, or we’ll see how long your shoulder holds out.”

    He continued to scream against her assault.  For a moment, she was impressed with his resolve.  For a mercenary, he was a tough-willed individual, but in the end he couldn’t hold out forever.

    “Alright!  ALRIGHT! ” He screamed.  “I don’t know who they are, but they want that product from you.  They said we would find you here.  That was our mission!”

    “I see,” she replied as her eyes narrowed.  Pulling out her Sig, she quickly reloaded a fresh clip and pulled the trigger causing the man’s brains to splatter across Leon’s desk.

    There were only two groups who knew that she had this product – Umbrella One – whom she had already destroyed… and the people she worked for.  It was suddenly becoming very clear to her now – they had been the ones to send these men after her.  They had wanted this product badly enough that they were willing to betray her in order to obtain it.  But as she looked at the dead mercenaries lying on the floor she began to wonder.  These men couldn’t have been recruited on a spur of the moment and then sent to Leon’s apartment.  They must have already been here in Miami.  

    Reaching down, Ada picked up one of the pistols the mercs had been firing at her and ejected the magazine.  The ammunition caused her eyes to widen.  They were rubber bullets!  They hadn’t planned on killing her.  They had been trying to capture her alive.

    What the hell?

    She had come here looking for answers, but now she felt as if more questions had been found instead.  For now though, there was no one she could trust – especially anyone connected to her employer.  Still, Ada realized that if she was determined to find Leon’s killer, she would need help.  She’d need to find someone who she could rely on; someone who would be motivated enough to help her find this shooter… and perhaps aid her in tracking down her employers as well.  What she needed was an ally in the coming fight.

    Ada smiled when she realized who would fit that role perfectly.

                                                       Next: Chapter 2-2: Ally

Ada Wong has returned to Leon's Miami apartment in an effort to find clues to the identity of his killer.  During her search, she discovers Leon's journal and learns a shocking truth about the man she loved.

A special thank you to IcyAshford who has volunteered to be my editor for my stories!

Chapter 2-2: Ally can be found here -…

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